We make things, and we're awesome at it . Coral is a tight-knit team of experts who are ready to tackle the most intricate puzzles when it comes to your business

Our goal

Expert-level digital agency with battle-tested advising, design and development expertise. We lead & build advanced internal systems, scaleable consumer products and robust fintech platforms for startups and industry veterans.

From full-stack website development to product strategy and UI/UX, Coral bridges the gap between humans and digital products.

We have competed in hackathons and competitions at the highest level together and worked individually both in ‘Big Tech’ and outside of it for companies like Facebook, Instagram, Groupon and Goldman Sachs. We have worked on products that largely shape our current social lives and have led events that shape social change. From idea to execution, we help YOU create change whether in the digital world, or the real one.

Meet the team

Jack Liang


  • Instagram
  • Goldman Sachs
  • AllRecipes.com

Devin Picciolini


  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Groupon